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Boost SkinCare Testimonial

At Boost, we fuse science + beauty, helping you achieve your best natural look. Using the latest in non-surgical treatments, we take an honest, individualized and comprehensive
approach to healthy, radiant skin.

What Boost Clients Are Saying

I have been a client of BB &W for several years and have received Dayle Solomont. Treatment has included filler, Botox, Pelleve and laser for sun spots. What makes Dayle special is that she has worked with me in creating an overall plan of treatment, in the short term and long term, to help me look youthful and healthy in a natural way. She is also a masterful technician. I appreciate that she is so easy to talk to, and understands the results that I am looking for. I would highly recommend Boost!



I saw Dayle for a consultation and a facial at the recommendation of my friend and her business partner, Jane. I have relatively good skin (for a 44 year old), but lately I have been noticing some visible changes around my lips and my jaw line, so I was anxious to hear what Dayle had to say after looking me over. She spent a great deal of time talking to me about what she observed about my skin, what I want to achieve, and the various options available to me. I am completely impressed with the results after only one (non-invasive/non-injection) session and with the continued benefits I am seeing from the two products she sent home with me. The texture and tone of my skin are both vastly improved. I look forward to my next treatment with Dayle and developing a long term regimen to keep my skin looking terrific.



Andrea is amazing. She is very professional and thoughtful. She describes each step, how it will feel and the results that I should expect to see in the days following the visit. I can't wait to go back!



After getting my DermaSound Facial & Peel at Boost, my husband actually told me how great my skin looked—I was amazed, as he hardly notices when I get my hair cut and colored! Between the facials and treatments Dayle has recommended, my skin looks so much more youthful and healthy in such natural way. I couldn't be happier!



Dayle does a great job at her work. She really listens to my needs and sets realistic expectations on the treatments that I use. She is kind and caring and I would recommend her services to everyone that wants to look and feel great!



I have been a client of Dayle Solomont for 9 years and have always felt that I received the highest quality aesthetic care available. Dayle constantly learns about and trains for the newest skin care techniques and is an expert at providing the type of care and product that best suits me. She truly cares about the comfort of her patients before, during and after each procedure and will spend great amounts of time consulting to make sure you are taking an approach that addresses your needs, goals and budget. She is an expert at injecting and contouring with results that are subtle but effective. In addition to her vast experience and expertise, Dayle offers sensitivity, integrity and sincerity that is unmatched in this industry."


I just want you to know this Botox treatment is by far the best one I’ve had in 12 years

Hands down it looks gorgeous I can’t get over the lack of eyelid droop forehead looks amazing and the EYES I can’t believe it.

Don’t forget your secret plan hahahaaaa cuz this method is perfect for me


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