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  • Andrea Blossom, RN, BSN

Aging with Grace.........

The natural effects of aging show up at some point in time. Client complaints of turkey neck, heavy eyelids, sagging jawline, and uneven skin tone become increasingly obvious if nothing is done to counteract the biological changes that are occurring. As we age, the body stops producing the sufficient amount of collagen to keep the skin well supported, resulting in increased laxity and sagging of the facial structure. Skin cells don’t shed or turnover as fast, creating a dull, dry complexion. Combine this with the effects of UV exposure and lifestyle habits, and you have created the perfect groundwork for an aging face.


At Boost Beauty and Wellness, our clients benefit from many skin-saving solutions that restore youthful suppleness and skin tone and are surprisingly affordable. Some of the products we offer include Botox and fillers. However, there is also tremendous value in technologies like Intense Pulsed Light, Dermasound facial treatments, medical grade chemical peels, and micro-needling.

Home Care

At Boost Beauty and Wellness, we also realize that an appropriate home skin-care routine optimizes the health of your skin. We carefully select products that will maximize the results of the in-office treatments so you are getting and maintaining the best results possible from the treatments you receive.

Within our office, men and women from the Boston and Metrowest areas find the services they need to refresh and rejuvenate face and body. While we have an extensive arsenal of tools to address many cosmetic concerns, we are proud to have a practice that focuses on each individual patient and his or her desired outcome.

The way in which we celebrate aging is unique for each person. A natural approach to skin care is always appropriate, and will certainly enhance rather than detract from our well-being. We would love to get to know you because we truly want your skin to look and feel its best. Let us help you discover your best self as you continue to age gracefully!

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