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Wellesley Hills Living ~ February 2017

Wellesley Hills Living • February 2017

Boost Beauty & Wellness

Lips look abnormally plump. Cheekbones protract. Foreheads

appear shiny and unnaturally taut. The list goes on and on. These

images of the “Botox age” pervade social media, deterring some

women from pursuing natural, healthy skin treatment options.

And, let’s face it, some practitioners push more product and

services on clients than they need. That never happens at Boost

Beauty and Wellness.

The secret of Boost Beauty and Wellness is that it allows

its clients to keep their secret. Clients of Boost Beauty and

Wellness do not look like they have received skin treatment.

Instead, they look like they have healthy, naturally beautiful

skin. This is all part of Boost’s commitment to women’s overall

health and wellbeing.

Located at 16 Prescott Street in Wellesley, Boost offers a unique

approach to medical aesthetics. Dayle Solomont, owner and

practitioner, started the company with the help of her longtime

friend, Jane Laird. Boost recently welcomed Andrea Blossom,

BSN, to the practice. Andrea has an extensive background in dermatological

aesthetics and is a perfect match to Boost’s overall

wellness philosophy.

After 18 years in the field, Dayle saw a demand for a different

kind of aesthetic skin care -- particularly from the sophisticated,

savvy women of Wellesley, Weston and the surrounding areas.

Discerning women value the guidance of an educated, caring skin

care professional, one expert in the latest, cutting-edge techniques

-- and one who will not just suggest the most expensive

treatments but rather will honestly advise which services best

suit each patient.

From this demand, Boost was born! Dayle and Andrea understand

that, when it comes to skin, one size does not fit all. Every

woman has different concerns, needs and goals. Most client

relationships begin with a free consultation. Boost takes the time

to understand what bothers clients about their skin and fashions

a treatment plan designed to make them look and feel their best.

Dayle and her team look at each individual’s features and make

recommendations designed to achieve aesthetic goals unique

to her. Botox and fillers are often part of a treatment plan but

they are not always the answer -- and are never the sole answer.

Driven by the science of skin care, Dayle employs a multi-dimensional

approach and often recommends different modalities at

each visit. For example, over time a client’s care plan may

include a chemical peel, laser resurfacing, dermaplaning

and a Pelleve treatment to tighten the skin of the jawline.

A 1988 graduate of Tufts University, Dayle then attended

Simmons College for her nursing degree. She is a Certified

Aesthetic Nurse. An expert in the field of skin care,

Dayle trains practitioners throughout Massachusetts in

various skincare techniques. She educates patients on

the science of aging and the chemistry of skincare products

and procedures.

Dayle and Andrea share a passion for helping others.

Among other things, they both provide cancer patients

with appropriate skin care. Patients undergoing radiation

and chemotherapy have unique skin care needs. Dayle

and her team also provide free treatment to women in

domestic abuse situations, helping them develop selfesteem

and skills to re-enter the workforce.

It is an exciting time in the non-surgical aesthetics world,

as the science behind skin care and aging rapidly evolves.

With a constant focus on individualized care, Boost masters

the latest developments to provide the most effective

treatments for clients.

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